Anna O'Keefe Jarabin 


Anna and Frank Jarabin never had children but after her brother Michael's wife Bessy (Bridget) died leaving 6 children ages 4-16, Anna and Frank helped raise them.
Anna wrote the following family history shortly before she died in 1979

"My Grandfather and grandmother were both born in County Cork Ireland - Grandfather was Timothy Sheehan, Grandmother Julia. They had 3 children born in Ireland - County Cork. Children - Mother, Uncle Tom and Aunt Hannah Sheehan. Grandmother died in Ireland. Their 3 children were in America at the time of her death. After her death Grandfather came to America and lived with his son Tom and also with us. After Uncle Tom's death Grandfather lived with us and died with us about 75 years ago in Harrison New York. He died in his sleep. He was so excited being with his daughter for Mother and Dad's 25 years of marriage. They had a big party arranged with music, etc. but had a funeral instead.


Mother and Dad came from County Cork, Ireland. Both were in America when married, 53 years before Dad's death. Dad died from a stroke on November 3, 1933. Mother died on February 18, 1935 from a fall and also never recovered from Dad's death.


They had 7 children; Michael O'Keefe died December 1, 1963, Timothy O'Keefe died May 5, 1958, Dennis O'Keefe died March 18, 1972, Tom O'Keefe died December 2,1950. Nellie O'Keefe died at birth one year after Michael was born. Kathryn O'Keefe died January 13, 1972 and was never married. Michael was about 82(*1) years at time of death. Anna O'Keefe Jarabin (Frank husband) 
My brother Michael and wife Elizabeth Sullivan(*2)had 6 children. Dennis O'Keefe now retired, Rev. Tom O'Keefe priesthood, Mgr. Joseph O'Keefe priesthood, Jack O'Keefe with NY City Courts, Elizabeth O'Keefe Nolan, Frances O'Keefe Dervin.


His son, Dennis and wife Helen have 3 children - Dennis, Michael and Erin Maura. Dennis Jr. - now in Arizona, Michael working with IBM in Westchester living at home. Erin Maura living at home going to Mamaroneck Public High School.
Sons Tom and Joe, priesthood. Son Jack O'Keefe married to Dorothy (Kelley)(*3) O'Keefe - they have 3 children; Kathryn (OK) Iacovelli living in Mamaroneck NY, Jack O'Keefe married to (?). They have 1 daughter (expecting another child April 1979 - He lives in Hicksville NY. Suzie O'Keefe entering college next year.


Elizabeth O'Keefe Nolan (husband William) 3 children - Tom, Kevin and Patricia. Tom and Helen Nolan have one child Patrick. Kevin married to Marge in 1978. Patricia Nolan McPike, husband name Frank. 3 children - Melissa starting school 1978, Colleen at home also Elizabeth at home.
Frances O'Keefe Dervin married to James Dervin. Have 5 children Dennis married to Theresa, Jim not married. Kevin Dervin finishing high school 2 years. Barbara married to Michael Maxey - graduated from college now working as a nurse living in Boston. Karen graduating next year from college also a nurse.


My brother Tom's family 3, married to May Kerridge O'Keefe. She was born in England. Now both deceased.


Son James O'Keefe and wife Virginia have 4 children living in Virginia. Anne O'Keefe Miller married last summer living in Boon NC. Daughter Kathryn O'Keefe attending college. Son Tom finishing high school. Ellen O'Keefe attending last year in grade school.


Son Charles O'Keefe married to JoAnn O'Keefe. They have 2 boys, 1 ready for high school 1 in grammar school. 


Daughter Mary married to Jack Gedney. Mary O'Keefe Gedney has 6 children, mostly grown, 2 married - 1 died last summer - others in college ( 1 grandchild 6 years old - her mother died last summer)


Brother Timothy married Elizabeth Connor O'Keefe. No family and lived in Harrison NY.


Dan O'Keefe (my brother) married to Marie (White) O'Keefe and had 7(*4) children, married in Rye and celebrated 55 years of marriage. 


Son John O'Keefe married to Helen (Garwick) O'Keefe living in Ironton Missouri. They had 2 children, Nancy O'Keefe (?) living in California, expecting 1st child in April 1979. Son Sean now engaged and finishing college this year.


Son Robert O'Keefe married to Rita (Reilly) O'Keefe, 2 children, Joan daughter married 1978 name?, Robert son Jr. married 2 children, 3 and 2 years old living in St. Petersburg Florida.


Mother alive and best of health Marie (White) O'Keefe living in St. Petersburg Florida, now 85 years old.


Son Bill O'Keefe living in Fort Lauderdale Florida, married a second time to(?) His first wife Peggy O'Keefe and Bill had 4 daughters living in Rye NY. All married now.


Son Donald O'Keefe also in south with second wife- had 2 sons 1st wife and 3(*5) with second wife.


Son Chub living in Rye very happily married to Joan (Kirby) O'Keefe and have 4 children - 2 boys and 2 girls, one boy in high school one in college and two girls in high school.


Catherine O'Keefe Garwick (Dan's daughter) has 7(*6) children married to Robert Garwick living in Texas, one child at home all the rest married. (names?)


Barbara O'Keefe Pumphrey died last year 1978 in Texas -her husband has own drug store in Texas. Were very happy couple - he was getting married again this Jan.1979 to a widow with 2 children. they had 7(*7) children some married now, youngest 7 years old at home (names?)


Son Dick O'Keefe married to Margaret now separated. 6(*8) children, boys all live mother 2 girls on their own. One son married living in Larchmont.


Dad's name was Dennis. His parents died in Ireland. He had brothers but I do not know about - I don't think they left Ireland. Dad had 2 nephews, had a tailoring business in Brooklyn very prosperous- Tom, Charles and Nellie O'Keefe. Tom was only one married had 2 sons - I just saw them a few times."

Note - for the sake of accuracy, a few errors found in Aunt Anna's written words:
*1- 80 years old
*2- Bridget (Bessy) O'Sullivan
*3- Kelly
*4- 8 children
*5- 1 children
*6- 8 children
*7- 10 children
*8-7 children